About the project

Project background: Competition
Competition result: First prize
Type: Retail
Context: Leiderdorp, the Netherlands

Competition organizers: Bohemen
Design team: Matthijs la Roi & Xing Wang

Frozen motion:

Spatial developers Bohemen organized the competition A View 4 You, in which participants were required to design a building which, besides having architectural appeal, could profile a brand at a narrow site besides the A4 motorway. Matthijs la Roi won the first prize in this competition.

Our aim was to generate a dynamic and non-standard building through a geometric form-finding process based on material research. The project was driven by the dynamics of the site: the direct location next to the motorway.  Studies on wood bending inspired a movement diagram of sequential transformed curved wood trusses. With the use of physical testing, we tried to find the relationship between the deformed material and the overall geometry. A continuous surface and the volume resulted as an intersection of the wood trusses.