About the project

Project background: Competition
Competion result: First prize
Type: Factory/hotel
Context: IJmuiden, the Netherlands

Competition organizers: Hoorne vastgoed
Design team: Matthijs la Roi & Xing Wang
Project specialties: this entry won the first prize

Floating wind:

Floating Wind is the 1st prize winning proposal for the IJbunker competition in IJmuiden. Matthijs la Roi developed the design in collaboration with Xing Wang. The project is a result of the fascination we had for the original monument and the industrial harbor of IJmuiden. The original function of the IJbunker is an unfinished fortificated harbor for military speedboats (Schnellboten) of the German army from World War II. The direct area around the monument is an industrial port. But in proximity there is also a recreational marina located. Every year a big boat exhibition for recreational ships (the HISWA) is held in this marina. Based on this background, we suggested the building’s future function as hybrid between a high-class yacht factory, office and hotel. The hotel function is added because we want the public to be able to visit this special monument. The factory will use advanced fabrication and materials such as a six axis robot milling machine to build and fiberglass boats.

The generative light and smooth new proposed structures generate a  dynamic contrast with the original heavy concrete structure of the monument. The advanced milling robot and fiberglass used in the boat factory will help to construct this structure.