About the project

Type: Office/ renovation
Context: Eindhoven, the Netherlands


DesignLAVA / Alexander Rieck, Tobias Wallisser, Chris Bosse

Project Architects: Nuno Galvao, Matthijs la Roi, Stephan Markus Albrecht,
Sebastian Schott, Mariusz Polski

Lightsculpture design: Matthijs la Roi

Design Team: Marvin Bratke, Mircea Mogan, Barbora Srpkova, Miroslav Strigac,
Diana Schlebe, Rashmi Katkar, Roxelane Guellmeister, Paolo Alborghetti,
Ruis Dervishi, Aida Ramirez, Julian Wengzinek, Benjamin Hitscherich, Simone
Tchonova, Erik Didar, Jeroen van Lith, David Stieler

Design development: INBO, JHK
Lighting consultant: Beersnielsen, LiAS
Construction: Heijmans

Text by LAVA:
LAVA’s design for the new Philips Lighting Headquarters features an experiential
welcome in the atrium and office spaces that foster creativity.  Visitors are greeted by
a huge parametrically designed interactive light ‘tree’, a sculpture of light containing
1500 ‘leaves’, panels suspended from the ceiling. Reflective surfaces create a play of
light and shadow. The concept is of golden light filtering through trees.

Light was used for information, visualisation, emotion and enabling. LAVA not only
showcases the latest lighting technology – the sculpture gives shape and visibility to
light. Light is the tool to create a volume of space. LAVA used intelligent light control
to generate different scenarios that activate or relax users – every panel is programmed
for the whole calendar year, a bit like an ecosystem, with light effects turning golden,
for example, when meetings are in progress.

The offices were designed to encourage informal ‘accidental’ interactions, a key
enhancer of success in R&D businesses. Special environments were created for
different work situations – from concentration to communication, activation to