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January 27, 2021 admin

Matthijs la Roi Architects shortlisted in a sound barrier design competition.

Matthijs la Roi Architects will team up with the architect Kyriakos Chatziparaskevas and PV specialist Andre Posnansky (Director of Sunstyle) to design a 10km sound barrier located at the ‘Strab
September 29, 2020 admin

Rain Amplifier in the Media

Our latest project: Rain Amplifier has been published on various international websites. Find below a selection of the websites. Designboom Archdaily global Archdaily ChinaGooood Architectenweb deArch
September 12, 2020 admin

BLAUW published on Designboom

BLAUW, a proposal by Matthijs la Roi Architects for a 16-meter tall public observatory tower for Amsterdam has been published on designboom. Find the whole article here: LINK
August 19, 2020 admin

Focus/WTV Interview with Matthijs la Roi

Focus/WTV interviewed Matthijs la Roi this summer regarding our latest completed project called: ‘the Rain Amplifier’. The project which is located in Belgium is part of the Contrei Live a
July 18, 2020 admin

Vote now for BLAUW by Matthijs la Roi Architects!

 Matthijs la Roi Architects are selected for the 2nd round in a design competition organised by the city of Amsterdam. The project will be located on the Zeeburgereiland for the new Sluisbuurt Ne
July 10, 2020 admin

Matthijs la Roi realised a podium and water sculpture in Belgium

Matthijs la Roi Architects realised a podium and water sculpture in Tiegem, Belgium called: ‘The Rain Amplifier’. The project is situated in a former Catholic Forrest named: the Sint Arnol
November 6, 2019 admin

Matthijs la Roi Architects shortlisted for a public sculpture competition in Belgium

Matthijs la Roi Architects in collaboration with Simone Tchonova have been shortlisted for a design competition for a public sculpture for the municipality of Erpe-Mere in Belgium. The design was shor
April 23, 2019 admin

Matthijs will give a talk at the Bauhaus in Dessau

Matthijs la Roi is invited by Darslab from the Bauhaus School of Architecture in Dessau to give a talk.  The talk will place on the 25th of April 2019 4:00 PM. The location of the talk is: Dessau
April 7, 2019 admin

Sketches of our Conrad tower project published in Making Marks: Architects’ Sketchbooks

Sketches of our Conrad tower project are published in: Making Marks: Architects’ Sketchbooks. From the Author Will Jones on the book: “Making Marks follows up the highly successf
March 28, 2019 admin

Interview with Matthijs la Roi and Simone Tchonova in the RIBA Journal

Matthijs la Roi and Simone Tchonova are interviewed by RIBA Journal on their recent collaboration for the 2019 Ante pavilion competition. Find the full interview here: LINK TO THE ARTICLE
March 16, 2019 admin

Matthijs la Roi and Simone Tchonova shortlisted for the 2019 Ante pavilion Competition

Matthijs la Roi’s and Simone’s Tchonova proposal for the 2019 Ante pavilion competition was  one of 5 shortlisted design out of almost 200 entries. The project: Proto-Selfbuild&n
January 3, 2019 admin

Last chance to visit RS101 student work at the Bartlett Fifteen show

It is still possible to see the Bartlett Fifteen exhibition until Friday the 11th of January. Here you can see Matthijs la Roi’s students work from Rs101 from the March Design for Manufacture at
December 1, 2018 admin

RS101 Students work on display at Bartlett Fifteen exhibition this December

RS101, a design studio directed by Giulio Brugnaro and Matthijs la Roi will exhibit the latest student work from the course Design for Manufacture at the Bartlett Fifteen exhibition this December. Mor
November 20, 2018 admin

Review on Matthijs la Roi’s Raumwelten lecture in the Stuttgart-Nachrichten

An article with a review on Matthijs la Roi’s Raumwelten lecture from 16.11.2018 was published on the news website Stuttgart-Nachrichten.de You can find the article with this link.
Matthijs la Roi
October 16, 2018 admin

Matthijs la Roi will give a lecture at Raumwelten in Stuttgart on 16.11.2018

Matthijs la Roi is invited to give a lecture at the Raumwelten symposium in Stuttgart, Germany. The symposium will take place from November 14 to 16. The topic will be ‘Von Sinnen’, German meaning
September 30, 2018 admin

Giulio Brugnaro joins as tutor at research studio RS101 at Design for Manufacture.

The new academic year started at DFM and we have Giulio Brugnaro joins Matthijs la Roi as tutor research studio rs101 and the Master Design for Manufacture at the Bartlett. Giulio is a trained archite
July 8, 2018 admin

Conradstraat tower article published in Tall Buildings Magazine

A four page article on the Conrad straat tower by Matthijs la Roi Architects has been published in the russian magazine: Tall Buildings magazine. Find the issue here: link The Conradstraat tower is a
April 28, 2018 admin

Archdaily article about our Nuremberg concert hall

Another great article on our latest design: New Nuremberg concert hall, a design developed in collaboration with Bart//Bratke published on Archdaily. Read the whole article here: link
April 28, 2018 admin

Nuremberg concerthall on designboom

Designboom published one of our latest designs: a collaborative effort between Matthijs la Roi Architects and  BART//BRATKE. The design for the new Nuremberg Concert Hall extends the historically ri
March 31, 2018 admin

RC101 – Zurich / Stuttgart fieldtrip

Matthijs la Roi’s research cluster from the Bartlett went on a fieldtrip to Zurich and Stuttgart. In Zurich the cluster visited the National Centres of Competence in Research (NCCRs) at the ETH
March 23, 2018 admin

RC101 end of term 2 year 2017-2018

RC101 completed their second term. Matthijs la Roi is directing this research cluster together with Tim Lucas and Jelle Ferringa. The cluster is part of the 15 month Master program: Design for Manufac
March 10, 2018 admin

Here East Open Afternoon

An open afternoon for postgraduate students to discover more about The Bartlett School of Architecture’s three Master’s programmes taught at Here East. Design for Manufacture MArch Design
December 7, 2017 admin

Conradstraat tower featured on Designboom

Matthijs la Roi’s recent proposal for a 180m slender skyscraper has been featured on designboom. Find the full article here: link
November 20, 2017 admin

Matthijs will be giving a talk at the Bartlett Plexus

Matthijs la Roi is invited to give a talk at the Bartlett Plexus on the evening of 23.11.2017 at the Bartlett School of Architecture at 22 Gordon Street at 18:30. From the organisers: The Plexus Proje
October 14, 2017 admin

Matthijs la Roi wins the Frontline Sectie-C competition!

Matthijs la Roi wins 1st Prize in the Front line Sectie-C competition with the design of an interactive sculpture in Eindhoven! More information will follow soon.
September 30, 2017 admin

Matthijs will lead new research cluster at the Bartlett School of Architecture

Matthijs la Roi is appointed as design tutor for the new MArch Design for Manufacture at the Bartlett School of architecture at the University College of London. Here he will lead a new research clus
May 27, 2017 admin

Collaborative lecture: Bart//Bratke with Matthijs la Roi

Matthijs la Roi and Marvin Bratke together with Paul Clemens Bart from Bart//Bratke held a collaborative lecture called: Make a Hybrid at the Shapes of logic conference in Wroclaw Poland. The lecture
May 26, 2017 admin

Behavioural Networks Workshop results

The four day workshop: Behavioural Networks that Matthijs la Roi organised together with Bart//Bratke has ended. Three teams have produced three urban interventions at Plac Grunwaldzki in Wroclaw, Pol
May 22, 2017 admin

Behavioural Networks Workshop kicks off

First day of the 4 day workshop: Behavioural Networks at the shapes of logic conference in Wroclaw Poland. In the first day of the workshop the students got introduced with the brief for the intervent
April 8, 2017 admin

Museum of Hospitality published in MARK magazine

Matthijs la Roi’s design of the ‘Museum of Hospitality’, is featured in this month edition of MARK Magazine.

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