Workshop at the Shapes of Logic conference

Together with BART//BRATKE, Matthijs la Roi will be teaching a collaborative workshop at the Shapes of Logic 2017 – International Conference & Workshops in Wroclaw:


In the context of global propagation of cities as a generic ‚copy and paste‘, the workshop will propose new models of infrastructural self-organisation, urban automation and mobility systems.

Adaptive networks based on multi-agent principles and crowd simulation are used to solve complex architectural and programmatic conditions in a three-dimensional urban environment. We will explore towards an intelligent architecture, defined by flows of information and its materialization in speculative infrastructure and architectural scenarios. A responsive infrastructure that is deployable in multiple regions.

You can sign up for the conference and the workshops under this link:

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Shapes of Logic 2017
May 22nd to 28th
Wroclaw | Poland

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